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Scan, import, identify, store and share documents quickly and easily with ccScan for Dropbox. Use any TWAIN scanner to scan and store single pages or thousands of documents on Dropbox in an automated time saving manner. Scan large stacks of paper with high-performance scanners at or near rated speed without page or volume charges. ccScan is a Windows application.

ccScan for Dropbox

Scan Directly to Dropbox and Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Steps

Scan Directly to Dropbox. ccScan eliminates wasted time normally spent scanning to a local disk folder first, naming documents, creating folder(s) in Dropbox, and manually uploading the documents to Dropbox folders. ccScan does it all in a single operation. Create and name files and folders automatically with barcodes and field macros. Scan to Dropbox for a fraction of the cost of many other capture applications with less capability. If you regularly scan documents to be shared on Dropbox, even if you scan only one hour per week, ccScan will save you valuable time.

Save More Time with Professional Scanning Techniques

ccScan contains features that are especially useful with scanners that can accept large stacks of paper: separate multi-page documents automatically with barcodes included with ccScan or create your own. Use zonal OCR with our optional OCR engine to automatically fill input fields with text extracted from a selected portion of the scanned image. Permanently redact and annotate the pages of a document before storing or sharing the document.

Take Full Advantage of Dropbox Features

When you Scan to Dropbox, you can access all Dropbox settings that are available to 3rd party applications for document upload. No need to access Dropbox folders through a Windows drive letter. When specifying or creating folders you may enter the document name and decide on the action to take when document already exists. In addition you can request a shareable link to the document.

Industry Standard Format

Save scanned documents in popular industry standard PDF format. For archiving save documents in the PDF/A-1b format to ensure future document viewing. Use ccScan's optional OCR engine to convert scanned images to PDF with searchable text while maintaining the appearance of the original image.

Import Large Numbers of Files Efficiently with Bulk Import

In addition to scanning to Dropbox, ccScan includes a powerful Bulk Import capability. Bulk Import uses wildcards to select document names and/or extensions from a folder and, if desired, recurse all subfolders. To select TIF or GIF files with digit 7 in the second filename position use a wildcard specification of ?7*.?if and set recursion on. Import any PDF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, BMP or DCX document types as well as any other file format accepted by Dropbox.

Customizable UI

After install ccScan is ready-to-use after installation with a set of default jobs easily customized to process recurring scanning or import tasks. Set up jobs with a minimum number of clicks to save time and reduce the possibility of input errors. On a per-job basis decide which Dropbox account, scanner, and import fields the operator should enter and the field defaults for these and hidden fields.

IT and Administrator Friendly

A password-protected setup mode is provided to allow administrators to manage creation and setup of all jobs for users to run. For smaller operations typically the administrator and the user are the same person. A daily audit trail is maintained to keep track of all scanning and import activity. A daily audit trail is maintained in script friendly JSON format to allow for automated post-processing of Dropbox return values such as the URL to shared documents.

Secure Dropbox Access

ccScan implements the Dropbox oAauth-based secure login where ccScan obtains an authorization token from Dropbox to access the web services API. The APIs are called with the secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). ccScan's built-in AES encryption technology protects the scanning and import jobs created for Dropbox.

Dropbox is a trademark of Dropbox Inc in the United States and other countries.

Scan paper to cloud scanning

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Scan Paper DIRECT into Cloud based Storage.

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