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Scan, import, identify, store, and share documents quickly and easily with ccScan for Docstoc. ccScan is a production-level scanning application with features found only in more expensive document capture systems. Documents are stored on Docstoc in an efficient single-step operation. Scan documents with any TWAIN scanner without any page or volume charges.

ccScan for Docstoc

Scan Directly to Docstoc - No Manual Uploading

Using Docstoc with scanned images typically requires a time consuming process of scanning documents to a local or network drive, naming the file, login to Docstoc, creating a folder, manually uploading documents along with setting the properties like title, descriptions and tags to the Docstoc folder. But ccScan eliminates these separate steps and accomplishing them all in a single, fully automated step with ccScan's direct scanning to Docstoc. ccScan takes a fraction of the time and best of all at a fraction of the price of other scanning applications. Save time and money whenever you publish to Docstoc.

Work Quickly with ccScan's Production Scanning Features

ccScan is designed for high volume scanning but contains features applicable to all scanners. Just load the document feeder and separate many multi-page documents automatically with barcodes and field macros. Use barcodes that come with ccScan or create your own. Then individual documents can be uploaded directly to Docstoc in their own separate folders. Before uploading use our optional OCR engine for zonal OCR to automatically populate input fields with text extracted from the scanned image by selecting an area with the mouse. Also, before storing you can use annotation and redaction on document pages as well as insert and delete individual pages.

Use All Docstoc Settings with ccScan

A number of settings are concurrently available to Docstoc and ccScan. These settings may be applied to imported documents as well as documents scanned directly to Docstoc. Identify or create folders on Docstoc and use any of the following options:

  • Enter Document Name, Title, and Description
  • Add One or more Descriptive Tags
  • Select Category and/or Language from a List
  • Select Licensing Method
  • Optionally Add Document to your Portfolio
  • Select Private or Public document
  • Select Logged-in User or Anonymous Owner
  • Select Document Template

Store Documents in Industry Standard Formats

Use ccScan's optional OCR engine to convert scanned images to PDF with searchable text yet maintain the appearance of the original image. Or, use industry standard PDF with image-only format for storing documents. Scan in black and white, color or grayscale.

Bulk Import Many Files Quickly

ccScan also includes a powerful Bulk Import feature in addition to basic importing. Use wildcards with Bulk Import to select documents by name and/or file extensions from your PC or shared network folders. To select images from all subfolders, turn on Bulk File Recursion. For example, to pick all TIF or GIF files with digits 1 and 0 in the third and fourth character positions of the filename, use a wildcard specification of ??10*.?if and enable recursion. Import any PDF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP or DCX document types as well as e-docs accepted by Docstoc.

Secure Document Transfer and Settings

ccScan does not store any Docstoc login credentials such as user names and passwords on the computer. ccScan's built-in AES encryption technology protects the contents of all scanning and import jobs. Documents and settings are encrypted with SSL before transferring to Docstoc.

Use Docstoc Document IDs

After storing every document, Docstoc creates and returns a Document ID to ccScan. Also, for Private documents Docstoc generates an Access Key and Access Password. These values are then available to copy from ccScan's read-only job fields to use for emailing or sharing. These return values are also recorded in the ccScan daily log file. This CSV format file allows for automatic post processing using the Docstoc ID values. The log also holds job information like the number of scanned documents and pages.

Personalize the ccScan Input Forms

ccScan is ready-to-use immediately after installation. Default jobs are easily customized to handle repetitive scanning or import tasks by minimizing mouse or keyboard clicks. This reduces input errors and saves time. Jobs may be created from other jobs, preserving most of the properties, but allowing fine tuning for a different task. Any number of new jobs may be added. For each job, the ccScan user or Admin decides which Docstoc, scanner, and import fields should be entered before scanning as well as default settings and fields hidden from the user.

ccScan is IT Friendly

Administrators can manage creation of all jobs that a user may run. This is accomplished by an AES encrypted password-protected Setup Mode. Typically in smaller businesses the user has the role of both the administrator and user.

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