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Scan, import, and store documents quickly and easily with ccScan for Windows Azure. ccScan efficiently captures documents and stores them in Windows Azure with production-quality scanning features found only in more expensive capture systems. Use any TWAIN scanner to store single pages and up to large volumes of documents on Windows Azure.

ccScan for Windows Azure

Scan Directly to Windows Azure without Time-Consuming Manual Steps

ccScan eliminates the time typically wasted with a multi-step, manual operation that consists of scanning a document locally to the PC, naming this document, and uploading the document to Windows Azure. Instead ccScan does this all in a single-step, fully automated operation. For users who regularly scan and store documents on Windows Azure it is obvious that ccScan will save precious time. ccScan cost a fraction of most other capture applications with no page or volume extra charges.

Quickly Setup a Hierarchical Folder Structure on Windows Azure

ccScan presents the Windows Azure file system in an hierarchical format where its virtual folders are processed just like folders in the Windows file system. Intuitively create and select folders either manually or automatically with barcodes or macros even though in reality no physical folders exist on Windows Azure.

Store Documents on Windows Azure in Industry Standard Formats

Save scanned documents in popular industry standard PDF format. For archive quality, choose PDF/A-1b which is 100% self-contained with embedded fonts. Use ccScan's optional OCR engine to convert scanned images to PDF with searchable text while maintaining the appearance of the original image.

Save Time with ccScan's Production Scanning Capabilities

ccScan contains particularly useful features with scanners that accept large stacks of paper. Multi-page documents are automatically separated with custom or barcodes included with ccScan. The resulting individual documents can be directed to specific virtual folders on Windows Azure. Zonal OCR can also be used to create custom folder or document names. Images can even be redacted and annotated before they are stored.

Import Large Batches of Files to Windows Azure Quickly

In addition to scanning to Windows Azure, ccScan includes a powerful Bulk Import capability. Bulk Import uses wildcards to select document names and/or extensions from a folder and recursively traverse all subfolders. To select TIF or GIF files with digit 7 in the second filename position use a wildcard specification of ?7*.?if, for example, and enable recursion. Import files of any type such as PDF, JPEG, TIF, etc.

Share Documents Stored on Windows Azure with Internet Links

After storing files on Windows Azure the user creates a URL from the ccScan File menu that is valid for a set period of time. It points to a particular document to allow Internet sharing. Use standard PDF options such as passwords to protect the document and use permanent redactions to black-out certain sections of the content.

Retrieve and View Documents Stored on Windows Azure

For cloud-based systems such as Windows Azure that do not provide built-in, "native" document viewing capabilities, ccScan provides document retrieval. This verifies that documents are scanned or imported and stored as intended. Users can view or print documents for daily use. Retrieval uses automatic caching for improved performance with large jobs so the user can quickly view a tree or list of thousands of documents.

Customize the ccScan GUI for your Business

ccScan comes ready-to-use with a set of default jobs easily customized to process recurring scanning or importing tasks with minimal clicks to save time and reduce the possibility of input errors. On a per-job basis decide which Windows Azure, scanner and import fields the operator should enter as defaults and also for hidden fields.

Apply Enterprise Friendly Management

ccScan provides a password-protected setup mode to allow administrators to manage the creation and changing of scanning and importing jobs for the user.

Transfer Documents Securely to Windows Azure

ccScan's built-in AES encryption technology protects the settings of scanning and import jobs. Documents are transferred to and from Windows Azure with SSL enabled which means encrypted transmission.

Scan paper to Cloud scanning

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Scan Paper DIRECT into Cloud based Storage.

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