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Scan to Amazon S3

Scan and store documents efficiently with ccScan for Amazon S3. ccScan quickly scans, imports and stores documents in Amazon S3 using production-level document capture features available only in more expensive capture systems. From single pages to hundreds or thousands of documents, use ccScan for Amazon S3 with any TWAIN scanner.

Use ccScan

Scan Directly to Amazon S3 Without Time-Wasting Manual Steps

Eliminate wasted time using a number of steps to manually scan and store documents locally, name the documents, create a virtual folder in S3 and upload documents. ccScan does all this in a fully automated, single-step operation. If you routinely scan and store documents to Amazon S3 you can save time and money with ccScan.

Scan to Amazon S3 for a fraction of the cost of other capture applications with far less capability. No page or volume charges apply and there is no premium for using the fastest, production scanners.

Organize Your Documents Quickly in S3

Storing documents on Amazon S3 resembles a file and folder system like the Windows file system but instead uses virtual folders. An hierarchical S3 filing system can be set up intuitively from the ccScan user interface. Users create and select virtual folders either manually or automatically with barcodes or macros.

Use Industry Standard Document Formats

Save scanned documents in the popular industry standard PDF image-only format. Use ccScan's optinalOCR engine to create PDFs with searchable text while retaining the same format as the original image. To store documents for archival purposes, use PDF/A-1b for long term preservation which embeds the original fonts.

ccScan's Production Scanning Features Save Time

ccScan is fully capable of department or production scanners with large document feeders. ccScan can easily separate multi-page documents automatically using barcodes included with ccScan or with custom barcodes. Each document can be directed to specific virtual folders on Amazon S3 as they are scanned. Zonal OCR may be used to create folder or document names. Users can annotate documents or redact portions of documents before storing in S3.

Powerful Bulk Importing

ccScan includes Bulk Import, a powerful feature to import hundreds or thousands of files to S3. Wildcards are use to select document names and/or file extensions from a folder and recursively traverse all local subfolders. For example, to select TIF or GIF files with the letter W in the third position of the name, use a wildcard specification of ??W*.?if and enable recursion. Import file types like PDF, JPEG, JPG, and TIF.

Share Amazon S3 Documents Easily

Once files have been stored on Amazon S3 you may share documents by emails or sending links. When displaying the document select the ccScan File menu and set an expiration date and time. Press a button to Get the URL of the document in S3 and copy it to an email or other document. Recipients are be able to view the documents until the expiration time. Use standard PDF options such as passwords to protect the document.

Customizable User Interface

After installing ccScan for Amazon S3, it is ready to run by with one of several default Jobs. Customize these jobs for recurring tasks to save time by reducing the number of keystrokes or mouse clicks. Identical recurring jobs help reduce possible errors while entering data. For any job the user can select the S3 account, set scanner and scanner properties or import properties and the desired S3 fields with default values and hide those fields not used.

View and Print Stored Documents

ccScan allows you to retrieve documents from S3 to verify proper storage or to view for daily use and to print. Some Cloud storage systems like Amazon S3 do not provide inherent retrieval features. ccScan does this while also providing automatic caching for improved performance with hundreds or thousands of documents.

Employ IT Friendly Admin Features

Administrators can use ccScan's password-protected setup mode to manage jobs including job creation, modification, user access to job properties and user field restrictions.

Store and Retrieve Security

Documents are protected with SSL technology when transferred to and from Amazon S3. All jobs are fully protected by password and built-in AES encryption.

Scan paper to cloud scanning

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Scan Paper DIRECT into Cloud based Storage.

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