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Minimum System Requirements

Minimum requirements may be used for casual scanning with desktop or personal scanners. This computer should have at least a 1.2 GHz processor speed, 512 MB memory and a hard drive manufactured within the last three - five years. The operating system must be Windows XP, SP2; Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows Server 2003 through Windows Server 2008 may also be used, but are not recommended for for scanning. These are the minimum practical prerequisites. The software you are receiving has been successfully tested on older, slower computers without problems, but with reduced performance.  

Recommended System Requirements

Use these requirements for most newer workgroup and department level scanners capable of scanning 30 pages per minute (PPM) or more. A recommended computer is a dual core processor with 2.0+ GHz or higher processor speed, 2+ GB memory and a 50+ GB hard drive. The Windows 7 operating system is preferred but Windows XP and Vista will work also. Windows Servers are not recommended because of additional load placed on server. Almost any computer purchased within the last 2-3 years will be close to or higher than these requirements.  

Production Scanning System Requirements

For production scanning or maximum performance from fast scanners exceeding 100 PPM or 200 IPM together with barcode detection and OCR conversion use a new or 1 - 2 year old computer with a 2.4 GHz or higher processor speed, quad core processor, fast bus speed, 4 - 8 GB memory and a 250+ GB SATA hard drive. Windows 7 SP1 strongly suggested but Windows Servers are not recommended because this may impact server response.

Additional Requirements

TWAIN Drivers: Scan Software you will be receiving supports only scanner or multi-function devices or printers (MFD or MFP) with TWAIN drivers. This includes most scanners manufactured in the last few years and recent MFDs or MFPs. Refer to the specification section of your scanner product data sheet or user guide to verify that the scanner uses a TWAIN driver. TWAIN drivers are usually delivered with new scanners and may be installed if you run scanner setup from the CD-ROM. Note that some low-end, very inexpensive scanners do not support TWAIN drivers. Please verify before purchasing. 

Storage: This scanning software you will be receiving can be installed on a stand-alone computer, a workgroup computer or a Windows Domain computer. Storage locations may be local, network shares, NAS, USB/Firewire drives or removable media. Storage capacity depends on the number and size of documents stored. Scan Software consumes about 15 MB on the installation drive. If delayed indexing is used, documents are cached temporarily on the local computer or a network share created for that purpose. In this instance, the computer maintaining the cache will require additional disk storage equal to or slightly more than the size of the temporary images. 

Networks: In all cases importing or scanning documents to a repository or folder on a network or the Internet is highly dependent on the network effective bandwidth. A dial-up network will not support continuous scanning and storing of documents even from the slowest scanners. Modern intranets and Internet connections via DSL, Cable, T1 and T3 lines can easily support continuous scanning and storing of documents at the workgroup level. When scanning and storing many documents at a time over the Internet consider using ccScan's deferred indexing (Index Later) for indexing and document naming. Then scanning can proceed at flank speed as will document naming, indexing and export to the storage 

Cloud Based Scanning To receive your trial software please fill out the form.

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