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The program displays a toolbar for each detected and supported Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System support

  • Microsoft® SharePoint Server 2003, 2007 and 2010, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)  3.0 and Microsoft Office 365

  • Hummingbird Enterprise™ 5.3 and 6 (2005)

The product supports Hummingbird (eDocs) Enterprise systems  if a DM Extensions API is installed and configured on the client machine. The product is also integrated into Windows Explorer DM Extension.

  • Interwoven® WorkSite 8.3, 8.5 and 9

The product supports Interwoven WorkSite systems if DeskSite 8.2 or FileSite 8.2  for WorkSite 8.3 or FileSite 8.5 for WorkSite 8.5 or DeskSite 9 or FileSite 9 for WorkSite 9 is installed and configured on the client machine. The product is also integrated into DeskSite and FileSite clients. The Nuance implementation warns if a requested document is checked out to another user.

  • Livelink® ECM - Enterprise Server 9.7 and 10 from OpenText Corp.

The product supports LiveLink ECM if a LiveLink Explorer Professional Windows Client is installed and configured on the client machine.

  • NetDocuments SaaS cloud-based storage

Save files to this web-based storage facility, providing Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Worldox® GX2 and version 3

  • EMC2® Documentum  6.5

The product supports EMC2 Documentum if a DFC 6.5 client is installed and configured on the client machine.

  • Xerox DocuShare 6 and 6.5

The corresponding menu items can be found in the Connections menu. These let you open PDF files from the DMS and save them back. PDF Pages can be inserted or extracted. Files of any type can be opened from the DMS to become attachments to the current PDF document. eCopy PDF Pro office (and its components PDF Create and PDF Converter ) support Microsoft SharePoint through dialog boxes included in the program. All other Document Management Systems (DMS) are accessed through their own interfaces.

The DMS support extends to several systems as detailed in System Requirements. All supported DM systems, including SharePoint, have the ability to open not just PDF files, but a wide range of file types from the DMS and have them converted to PDF in the background using existing settings and displayed in eCopy PDF Pro Office.

Here is a summary of the functionality offered by each component:

eCopy PDF Pro Office:

  • open and save PDF files from and to DMS.

  • open non-PDF files from DMS with background conversion to PDF.

  • insert pages from or extract pages to a DMS.

  • attach files of any type from DMS to the current PDF.

See DMS support for detail.

PDF Create Assistant:

  • open source files (may include PDF files) from DMS.

  • save created PDF files to DMS.

PDF Converter Assistant:

  • open PDF or XPS files from DMS.

  • save converted files to DMS.


Integration in Document Management Systems

When working in SharePoint, Hummingbird Enterprise (eDocs) or Interwoven Worksite, a Nuance PDF control provides access to all three components. In SharePoint, this integration must be configured by an administrator.

Calling eCopy PDF Pro Office:

  • open a copy of a PDF file using a shortcut menu, edit it and save it back alongside its original or to the local computer.

  • scan pages to a PDF file that is saved in the DMS at a specified location, using the scanner’s own interface. One page is scanned at a time, unless an ADF is available.

See Integration into DMS for detail.


Calling PDF Create Assistant:

  • open a non-PDF file, make a PDF from it and store in alongside its source.

  • convert a non-PDF file from the local computer to a PDF and store it in the DMS.

Calling PDF Converter Assistant:

  • open a PDF or XPS file from DMS; convert it and save the editable file to the local computer or back to the DMS.

In these three DM Systems you can enter or modify document properties for stored files. Choose the Document Properties menu item in the relevant DMS menu.

See also: DMS support.


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